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How to Lay a Resin Driveway

It is just astounding how resin driveways have become popular for both residential and commercial applications. It is just the ‘in thing’ when people look to improve the aesthetics of their property. But the key thing behind a beautiful resin driveway is the installation process. The resin driveways DIY principle is quite challenging especially if you are not used to getting your hands dirty. However, with the help of a professional, such as The Driveway Company you could get things going.

But before we jump into the basics of installing a resin driveway, let’s first understand the different types of resin driveways aggregates available. This will help you make an informed choice on what you want to go for depending on the place being prepared.

A school driveway will obviously look different from the driveway leading to your house in terms of color and pattern. But I am assuming that you are full of life and vibrancy and would not opt for a dull looking driveway for your residential property. But I digress.

There is a wide variety of resin aggregates ranging from natural gravel to spectrum recycled glass. Let us list them below:

  • Natural Aggregates– Apollo, Sterling, Barley Beach, Winter Frost, Midnight, Tuscan Terracotta, Chestnut, Maple, Bronze, Norwegian Pearl, and
  • Spectrum Recycled Glass-Cobalt, Mint Green, Ruby Red, Water Blue, Yellow Green, Traffic Red, Pure Orange, Silver dazzle, Daffodil Yellow, Signal Violet, Squirrel Grey, Fawn Brown and Zinc Yellow.
  • Marble -Almond, Sterling Forest, and

You can always search for each online to get an idea of what they look like. Google is after all your friend.

DIY Steps to Installing Your Resin Driveway

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you are installing the resin surface over an old surface or you are trying out a new one altogether. The end goal is to have a visually appealing driveway.

First, make sure that you prepare the base and ensure that it is strong enough for the intended use. Clean up the area before you lay down your resin surface. Map out a grid of 0.8m2 by 18mm using a marker paint. Mix up the resin bound kits and leave them for about 15 minutes for the curing process to start.

Take note to purchase a powerful drill and paddle to avoid a tool burnout during the mixing.

  1. Ensure that you have two buckets for mixing your selected aggregate stone. In one bucket pour a third of the mixture and then create a shallow well in the aggregate that is still in the mixing tub. It should be about the size of a pudding bowl.

Pour the remaining aggregate and the resin in the first bucket into the second bucket and thoroughly mix it with a paddle and drill. Only stop when the resin forms a uniform color.

Pour the combined resin into the well in the mixing tub. Mix your selected stone with the resin and ensure that all the stone is fully coated with the resin and appears to be wet.

  1. Pour the final mixture carefully into the area you mapped out and ensure that there are no dry stones left in the mix. You could use a shovel to level out the mixture onto your mapped area. Keep on shoveling until you’re happy with the final look of your finish.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you lay down a proper resin driveway. Pretty easy right? If you find it hard to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional to do the work for you. A professional will ensure that your resin driveway is to die for and you won’t have to spend a lot of many on repairs and re-installations. For more information regarding resin driveways visit https://www.the-driveway-company.com/resin/

Patio Design And Planning

A patio area can be a fantastic location to unwind during the warm days of spring, summer season and autumn; or all year if you live in warmer climes. Sometimes when the yard may be too damp or even muddy, the solid floor of an outdoor patio means you can sit outside even after heavy rain and make the most of the fresh air, and visual pleasure of your garden. You can even turn your patio area into a patio garden to make it more fascinating.

You can turn the plainest of outdoor patios into an outdoor patio garden with the excellent use of containers or outside planters. If you are starting from absolutely nothing, and developing and constructing (or having actually designed and built) a totally brand-new patio, then it deserves giving the garden aspect of the patio area some planning. Visit patio design in Northamptonshire for further ideas

The reason for the pre-planning is that you have a chance to produce something really special with little extra expenditure beyond the foundation work and the patio floor. Here are simply a few thoughts to build in at the style stage, so your outdoor patio garden can be more than simply a flat location of paving slabs.

Colour Scheme for the Patio area

When planning a brand-new outdoor patio it is best to think about the palette beyond simply the colour of the paving pieces. If you desire an outdoor patio garden, then you will need containers to grow plants in. Attempt to make certain that you can obtain containers or planters which mix well with the colour of the slabs. For example, light brown paving slabs above may look very great, however are not so simple to blend in naturally with surroundings, or discover complementary planters for.

Natural grey stone, on the other hand, is a lot easier to discover appropriate planters for, and can have a lot more natural appearance in the garden.

That is not to state paving slabs aside from grey can not be utilized, however just keep in mind the rest of the design you will need to suit to make your patio area garden appealing.

Think about Height

Similar to numerous elements of garden style, height is very important when planning a patio area garden. This can be accomplished in a number of methods, which can all be utilized at the same time. Here are some examples:

1. Think about having a wall around the patio, on which you can put a few containers. On a patio area or balcony, columns and balusters can be really appealing, and include an unique style.

2. Consider having actually a covered or partially covered outdoor patio. That gives you the chance to not only supply shade and cover, but permit trellis on one side. That way you can grow climbing up plants on the patio area which include that all essential height to the outdoor patio garden.

3. Select some high containers that will right away contrast with your smaller sized containers.

4. Pick some tall growing plants and container suitable shrubs, to contrast with the low growing and trailing plants.

Consider Your View and Adjacent Garden

It is finest not to design the patio area in isolation, however consider it in conjunction with the view you would most want to see. This suggests that the positioning is specifically important, as are the garden design factors to consider in the surrounding garden.

For example, if you desire sweet smelling plants to fill your senses on a warm evening, you can plant them beside the patio. Or, if you desire a private area where to sit, some taller shrubs outside the patio in that area might offer you with simply that.

By utilizing a combination of the above features, you can establish a patio garden that will be a pleasing and remarkable function of your garden overall, as well as be a fantastic place to relax on those balmy warm days. Aim to visualize it completely prior to starting work on building and construction, and your garden patio might wind up as your dream garden patio area.

Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway offers a low cost, low maintenance addition to your home that can not only improve the appearance but improve the value of your property.

Building one yourself is always an option but it can be extremely labour intensive and if done wrong can become a real headache.

Nidatech Paving have over thirty years experience in the design and building of all types of driveways and paved areas, including concrete; both imprinted and standard.

Types of Concerete Driveways

  • Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Random / Crazy Paving style
  • Tile
  • Rocksalt
  • And many more

Please see below the range of colours available for your Concrete Driveway or paved area.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your driveway or paved area and with over 30 years experience in the trade we know exactly what treatment your driveway will need.

Our range of Driveway Cleaning services include deep cleans, sealing and restoration using high quality tools and equipment that ensure the best possible results.

Whether tyre marks, oil stains or weeds/moss, Nidatech Driveways cleaning methods always give the perfect finish.

Our cleaning services are not just limited to driveways as we are more than capable of offering;

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Concrete & Tarmarc cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Wooden Decking cleaning
  • Business forecourts & Car park cleaning
    And many more…


Why do you need Driveway cleaning services?

After investing in a quality driveway or paved area installation it can sometimes be forgotten that weathering and daily use causes damage or reduces the asthetics. A regular cleaning appointment with Nidatech Paving will ensure that you will maintain the look you paid for without mounting restoration bills later in the installations life.
To find out how our friendly team can help you maintain the perfect driveway call us now on:
01252 845 324

Driveway Paving and Sealing

When your driveway is first complete it should look exactly as you’d planned, but in a short space of time it can start to get worn out or discoloured if not looked after properly.

Alongside our driveway cleaning services we offer sealing for all paved areas.

What is Driveway Sealing?

Sealing is the process of coating your driveway or paved area with a thin chemical sealant that protects the installation from the elements or daily wear and tear from vehicles passing over. Not only does this preserve the appearance but increases the lifespan and reduces the need for future maintanance.

This is especially useful if you live in a region prone to frosts or snow, where water that leaks into materials can freezes and over time causes potholes and unsightly cracks.

One of the most common problems for unsealed driveways are oil patches caused by small amounts leaking from vehicles. The protection that a driveway sealing service provides is preventing this oil from soaking into your drive, allowing for an easy cleanup.

What Type of Paved Areas Can Be Sealed?

All Block Paving
Slate Tiles
Natural Stone
Crazy Paving
Concrete / Imprinted Concrete
Paving Slabs
To find out how a Nidatech Paving sealing service can help reduce your maintenance costs and keep the first-day look, call now on 01252 845 324.

Patio Design

The installation of a high quality patio offers many benefits for the home owner; not only does it allow for entertaining outside and enhance the look of a garden it can add value to a property should the home owner ever wish to sell.

Nidatech Paving has 30 years experience in the design, construction and maintenance of patios & other paved areas which is why our many customers trust us to provide a high quality service, quickly and to ensure the investment in your home is something to be proud of.

Whether the project is for your home or a commercial property, Nidatech Pavings have a proven track that you can trust.

The Design Process

When Nidatech Paving begin the design process we take into account many factors to ensure a final result that works in harmony with your property, including the style of the house, the surrounding gardens and the purpose for the patio (entertainment, enhancement to a garden, performance etc.)

Only once a design has been approved by you, will the construction process begin.

What Are the Hallmarks of a Quality Patio?

As a rule a patio should be a level and firm surface on which seating and entertaining can take place and this should remain true many years after the patio has been completed.

The materials used should be of a suitable quality and incorporate the correct draining system to prevent flooding or pooling of water during periods of heavy rain.

While maintenance of patios and other paved areas is always required over they years, a quality patio should rarely require more than a professional clean.

To find out how our friendly team can help you design and build the perfect patio call us now on:
01252 845 324