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Tag: Driveway Paving and Sealing

Driveway Paving and Sealing

When your driveway is first complete it should look exactly as you’d planned, but in a short space of time it can start to get worn out or discoloured if not looked after properly.

Alongside our driveway cleaning services we offer sealing for all paved areas.

What is Driveway Sealing?

Sealing is the process of coating your driveway or paved area with a thin chemical sealant that protects the installation from the elements or daily wear and tear from vehicles passing over. Not only does this preserve the appearance but increases the lifespan and reduces the need for future maintanance.

This is especially useful if you live in a region prone to frosts or snow, where water that leaks into materials can freezes and over time causes potholes and unsightly cracks.

One of the most common problems for unsealed driveways are oil patches caused by small amounts leaking from vehicles. The protection that a driveway sealing service provides is preventing this oil from soaking into your drive, allowing for an easy cleanup.

What Type of Paved Areas Can Be Sealed?

All Block Paving
Slate Tiles
Natural Stone
Crazy Paving
Concrete / Imprinted Concrete
Paving Slabs
To find out how a Nidatech Paving sealing service can help reduce your maintenance costs and keep the first-day look, call now on 01252 845 324.