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Patio Design

The installation of a high quality patio offers many benefits for the home owner; not only does it allow for entertaining outside and enhance the look of a garden it can add value to a property should the home owner ever wish to sell.

Nidatech Paving has 30 years experience in the design, construction and maintenance of patios & other paved areas which is why our many customers trust us to provide a high quality service, quickly and to ensure the investment in your home is something to be proud of.

Whether the project is for your home or a commercial property, Nidatech Pavings have a proven track that you can trust.

The Design Process

When Nidatech Paving begin the design process we take into account many factors to ensure a final result that works in harmony with your property, including the style of the house, the surrounding gardens and the purpose for the patio (entertainment, enhancement to a garden, performance etc.)

Only once a design has been approved by you, will the construction process begin.

What Are the Hallmarks of a Quality Patio?

As a rule a patio should be a level and firm surface on which seating and entertaining can take place and this should remain true many years after the patio has been completed.

The materials used should be of a suitable quality and incorporate the correct draining system to prevent flooding or pooling of water during periods of heavy rain.

While maintenance of patios and other paved areas is always required over they years, a quality patio should rarely require more than a professional clean.

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